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The Books of Oscars 2018

Roll out the red carpet, put on your best outfit and pop the champagne because it’s Oscars Weekend!

I’m pretty excited about this year’s nominees because of the diverse film genres and titles that you wouldn’t normally see making it to such ceremonies. Of course, my focus is always on book-to-film adaptations and I’m not disappointed at the ones that became blockbuster hits, and have been in the spotlight at film festivals and award shows this year.

Book Depository: Where Have You Been All My Life?

It was somewhere in mid-October. I was browsing pictures on Instagram when suddenly, someone showed off these beautiful and colourful books. They caught my attention immediately and made me wonder why I haven’t seen them at my bookstore before. When I read the description, it turns out that the books were in fact The Mortal Instruments series, UK edition. I’ve been wanting to buy the series but was not fond of the book covers. I was so in love with the UK edition that I had to buy all six books immediately. The only online bookstore that sold them was The Book Depository.

Book Depository