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Café Castel

Imagine yourself sitting on a terrace somewhere in the South of France, Spain or even Italy, having a coffee on a peaceful summer afternoon. Even though it’s currently glacial in Montreal, that was the feeling I had when I stepped inside Café Castel. I had been anticipating this coffee experience ever since I saw pictures of the interior on this Top 10 list of coffee places to visit in Montreal before I die (or something like that). The decor made the ambiance absolutely perfect. I’ve been searching for a place just like this one.

Located by the McGill University downtown campus, I was surprised it wasn’t filled with students studying after class or meeting up with friends. Though it was busy, the café was spacious enough that it didn’t feel crowded or intolerably noisy. I easily found an empty table by a large window and made myself comfortable while waiting for a classmate to arrive.

Café Humble Lion

CappuccinoI had been wanting to pass by Café Humble Lion for quite some time now but was never able to find the right moment out of my hectic schedule at work to go. I think at some point I told myself I was going to try their coffee before I head to the office in the morning but my love affair with my warm bed gets in the way of my early bird plans…every time. Luckily, I was early for one of my night classes last week and thought it was my chance. It might never happen again. I made sure I had the right address and made my way to coffee spot.

Café Parvis

CappuccinoLast Sunday, an old friend (let’s call him N) and I met for a quick coffee and a bite at Café Parvis. We hadn’t seen each other for what felt like close to a decade. Since it’s the new year, it was simply perfect to catch up and talk about our exciting projects for 2016. It was also the perfect occasion to try a new spot and fall in love with it (hopefully).

N and I came close to not meeting each other because after weeks of unusual mild winter weather, Mother Nature decided to unload inches of snow that morning. Winter coat on, ear muffs and snow boots, I made my way downtown even though my dog begged me to stay home and snuggle on the couch. If it wasn’t for the many restaurant reservations I make daily for my boss, I wouldn’t have known about Café Parvis since it’s located on a small isolated street behind a church.

Tunnel Espresso Bar

It’s a minuscule commercial space located in an underground passageway connecting two shopping malls downtown Montreal: the Eaton Center and Place Ville Marie known as PVM. To the right, there’s a cellphone repair store, a boutique selling suits for men with price tags that are a bit too ordinary is located immediately across and to the left, it may have been a vegetarian food-to-go type of business or another boutique selling clothes and accessories for women. To make a long description short, this corridor comes to life only during the week between 8AM and 5PM when professionals and shoppers alike, make their way from one side of the street to the other without having to go outside. Businesses close in a matter of a year or so. The only ones that survive from the lack of exposure and interest from the passersby are where inexpensive lunches can be bought quickly: pizza, pre-rolled sushi and an express version of this Korean restaurant that make delicious bibimbap.