Be Kind, Buy Local

Credit: BKIND Products

Last year, I decided to explore and support more local brands as I saw too many businesses go bankrupt and close their doors in Montreal. It’s not easy these days, and local entrepreneurs and creatives need all the support they can get. After all, it’s not just a business for them, it’s also a dream.

My coffee addiction and determination to use more cruelty-free products whenever I can lead me to this beauty brand called BKIND Products. It’s local, cruelty-free, uses natural ingredients and has a coffee body scrub. I was sold!I wanted to get the coffee scrub only but since free shipping was free on all orders over $100, I told myself “Why not try other products too?” (It’s a perfectly good excuse to buy things you don’t need.)

It took less than a week to receive the order and it arrived in a paper bag as if I had my shopping delivered to me by my personal shopper. Fancy! The little touch that made me feel extra special about the purchase is the handwritten note inside. Sure, it’s nothing elaborate but it’s the thought that matters. I gave myself a month before writing this review to be able to really use the products. I pampered myself every weekend and used only these items as much as possible during the week.

Lip Balm Orange+Lavender

I absolutely love the lip balm. It’s slim and fits discretely in a clutch. I found myself using it a lot throughout the day simply because I liked its texture on my lips and the scent is not overpowering. The lip balm kept my lips hydrated without the shiny look.

Anti-Aging Balm Eye Contour

The eye contour balm is now part of my nighttime routine since my eyelids creased quite a bit during the day with all the makeup. It’s delicate for the under eye area and eye lids, and doesn’t smell too strong compared to other luxury products I’ve tried. I’m not sure if my eyes look like they’re aging slower. I guess we’ll see in a few months if new wrinkles make their appearance or not.

Hand Balm Pineapple+Grapefruit

The sweet and citrusy smell would make your mouth water. I love applying it on my hands because it’s so rich and smells amazing…but it’s greasy. If you’re a bit like me, having finger prints on my keyboard or any surface is a horror. So this one too, I saved it for night time when I know I won’t be doing anything that will require me to touch too many things.

Himalayan Bath Salt

This product makes bath time even more soothing. I sprinkle some of the bath salt mixture that contains bits of lavender in a hot steamy bath, and I forget all about my stressful week.

Body Scrub Coffee

Obviously, it smells heavenly and definitely wakes you up if you have time in the morning to do a bit of scrubby-dub-dub. After a few uses, I started noticing small cuts on my hips caused by the sea salt crystals in the mixture. If both the coffee grounds and the sea salt were finer, this body scrub would have been on my Fave List. Unfortunately though my skin was softer, it felt a bit too rough.

Overall, BKIND Products have a good range of beauty products that are worth the purchase. I was disappointed by the main reason why I wanted to try this brand but I’m really happy about the rest of the products.


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