Book Depository: Where Have You Been All My Life?

It was somewhere in mid-October. I was browsing pictures on Instagram when suddenly, someone showed off these beautiful and colourful books. They caught my attention immediately and made me wonder why I haven’t seen them at my bookstore before. When I read the description, it turns out that the books were in fact The Mortal Instruments series, UK edition. I’ve been wanting to buy the series but was not fond of the book covers. I was so in love with the UK edition that I had to buy all six books immediately. The only online bookstore that sold them was The Book Depository.

Book Depository

I was afraid that the shipping and handling fees to Canada were going to be outrageous since the company is based in the UK. It wouldn’t have been worth it.To my absolute delight, the delivery is FREE, no minimum purchases required. Dispatch time? 5 to 8 business days. Fantastic! I placed my order on October 18th, received confirmations of my order being shipped two days later, and came home to four individually packaged books from The Book Depository on October 27th and the last two on October 28th.

-FREE delivery worldwide to over 100 countries
-Carefully packaged items
Free bookmarks designed by customers
-Over 12 million titles available
-Affordable prices
-Good deals
-Special editions not available in North America

-Orders containing multiple items may arrive on different dates
-Packaged individually in envelopes rather than one single box

I absolutely love, LOVE this website and will definitely order more books simply because they have different selections of certain books and editions that are not available in Canada. Sometimes, they are much prettier too. :)

To see The Mortal Instruments, UK Edition, click here to go to my Instragram or read about them in my October Haul.

Happy reading and book purchases! :)


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