Blinkist, Read a Book in 15 minutes


With a full schedule at work sprinkled with school, family and friends, it’s sometimes challenging to sit down to read a good book or to learn new skills. I personally try to squeeze in some reading/learning time when I’m in transit and during lunch breaks but, it’s not always optimal. Either I get distracted by loud passengers on the train or interrupted with urgent matters at the office. When it’s the end of a long day, I’m often too tired to use my brain cells and weekends go by way too fast when binging a good show on Netflix. (Definitely guilty and a little bit too often!)

When I saw a sponsored ad in my Instagram feed for Blinkist, I was intrigued. “2,500 titles of the world’s best nonfiction, distilling them into key insight summaries you can read in 15 minutes.” It didn’t take more than that to convince me to download the app to see what it was all about.

Monopole, café & buvette

When starting a new job, the most important thing (in the first three months) is to evaluate whether the gig is the right fit in your career path. Do you like the company’s culture? Do you believe in their mission? Are your responsibilities right for your set of skills? Is there room for growth? What will you be gaining when it comes to experience?

While you assess all of that, the SECOND most important thing is to identify all of the coffee spots in the area because let’s be honest, office coffee might be free but it’s not as good as the ones prepared by a passionate barista. Luckily, the one I discovered and fell in love with is not too far from my office. It’s right across the street!

The Books of Oscars 2018

Roll out the red carpet, put on your best outfit and pop the champagne because it’s Oscars Weekend!

I’m pretty excited about this year’s nominees because of the diverse film genres and titles that you wouldn’t normally see making it to such ceremonies. Of course, my focus is always on book-to-film adaptations and I’m not disappointed at the ones that became blockbuster hits, and have been in the spotlight at film festivals and award shows this year.